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Excavation/Site Work

Dirt Contracting

Gary Barnett Dirt Contractor and his team of dirt contractors have specialized knowledge and experience in handling different types of soil, terrain, and earth-moving equipment.

We understand the complexities involved in grading, excavating, and preparing the ground for construction or landscaping work.

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Trucking and Hauling

Trucking and hauling of sand, gravel, and dirt are essential components of site work for construction, landscaping, and various other projects. You can trust the professionals at Gary Barnett to handle all your needs. From sourcing the materials, scheduling transportation logistics, loading, hauling, delivering, and unloading materials to designated sites fast and efficiently.

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Site Stabilization

Looking for an experienced professional to provide expert site stabilization? Look no further!

Gary Barnett Dirt Contractor can implement stabilization techniques during prep work to create a strong, stable foundation that enhances the performance and longevity of asphalt or concrete pavements.

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Septic Tank Installation

Gary Barnett works closely with residential developers, and commercial contractors to ensure proper functionality and compliance with local and state regulations. From site assessments to excavation and installation, you can trust Gary Barnett to get it done right.

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