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Gary Barnett Dirt Contracting, Inc.

Delivering the Ultimate Earth Moving Experience.

For over three decades, Gary Barnett Dirt Contracting has been dedicated to providing top-notch excavation, dirt contracting, septic tank installations, and landscaping services to commercial contractors and developers across the State of Oklahoma.

We are proud to contribute to the evolution of Oklahoma’s landscape by facilitating the establishment of new businesses, restaurants, and residential developments. Our expertise ranges from stabilization, sand, gravel, and dirt hauling, stabilization, septic tank installation and service, land grading to dirt compacting, tractor work, and timber removal. We possess the capability to manage all aspects of dirt preparation for roads and developments in Norman and neighboring cities in Oklahoma.

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Our Services

Dirt Contracting

Gary Barnett Dirt Contractor and his team of dirt contractors have specialized knowledge and experience in handling different types of soil, terrain, and earth-moving equipment.

We understand the complexities involved in grading, excavating, and preparing the ground for construction or landscaping work. We have access to a wide range of heavy machinery and equipment necessary for earthmoving tasks, such as excavators, bulldozers, graders, and dump trucks. These specialized tools are all tracked by GPS and enables us to tackle projects of various sizes and complexities effectively and accurately. Whether it’s preparing the ground for a building foundation, grading a site for landscaping, or excavating trenches for utilities, Gary Barnett pays attention to detail to ensure a well-executed outcome.

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Looking for an experienced professional to provide expert site stabilization? Look no further!

Stabilizing soil can increase its load-bearing capacity and shear strength, making it capable of supporting heavier loads without significant settlement or deformation. This is particularly important in construction projects where stable ground is essential for building foundations, roads, pavements, and other structures. Gary Barnett Dirt Contractor can implement stabilization techniques during prep work to create a strong, stable foundation that enhances the performance and longevity of asphalt or concrete pavements.

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Need materials hauled in or hauled out?

Trucking and hauling of sand, gravel, and dirt are essential components of site work for construction, landscaping, and various other projects. You can trust the professionals at Gary Barnett to handle all your needs. From sourcing the materials, scheduling transportation logistics, loading, hauling, delivering, and unloading materials to designated sites fast and efficiently.

Proper planning, coordination, and execution of these activities are essential to ensure the successful completion of the project while adhering to safety and environmental standards.

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Septic Systems

Septic Tank Installation and Maintenance

Gary Barnett works closely with residential developers, and commercial contractors to ensure proper septic tank installations, and compliant with local and state regulations.

From site assessments to excavation and installation, you can trust Gary Barnett to get it done right. We’ll provide the heavy machinery to dig the trenches, transport the materials, and place the components in the designated locations. By following best practices and working with the experienced professionals at Gary Barnett, developers can minimize environmental impact and ensure the long-term functionality of the septic system.

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We can handle any size Commercial Construction Development Project

Whatever the size and scope of your commercial construction project, you can depend on Gary Barnett Dirt Contracting to provide you with the services you need to create a solid foundation for construction. We will be happy to discuss your project needs and provide you with a quote for our services.

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Why Gary Barnett Dirt Contractor?

The GPS-equipped machine operator no longer needs to strain their eyes and make educated guesses when it comes to determining the grade of the land.

Instead, they can rely on a clear, vibrant, full-color representation of the worksite that provides precise grade details from any location on the site.

Armed with this information, the operator can manually guide the machine to its final grade or, if the machine is equipped with a control system-hydraulics interface, the blade will automatically adjust as it nears final grade. The potential outcomes include increased operator productivity (especially for those with less experience) and a reduction in rework needed for incorrect grades. Additionally, fewer passes may be required for the machine to reach its final grade, resulting in reduced fuel consumption – a valuable benefit for our clients.

  • 30+ years of experience
  • 3 full crews
  • Over $2 million owned equipment/no equipment delay
  • Soil testing performed on every project
  • GPS satellite on our equipment so consistency, speed and accuracy resulting in lower survey costs.

Customer reviews

  • Quote 1

    “I have worked with Gary Barnett for several years on many different jobs. I would highly recommend Gary Barnett Dirt Contracting. Gary and his crew are reliable, dependable and always team players.”

    Bobby O'Neal

    President - Superior Concrete Construction, Inc - Oklahoma City, OK

  • Quote 2

    “I have used Gary Barnett Dirt Contracting, Inc. for site preparation and grading since 2013. Gary and his staff have always provided the very best quality of work, price point, & timeliness. Gary always goes above and beyond expectations to help any project he’s part of to be successful. I ...

    Jon Silver

    Project Manager - 4D Construction, LLC

  • Quote 3

    “Gary Barnett is an excellent dirt contractor. He is always on site and working with everyone to accomplish the job. When it comes to dirt, Gary is your man!”

    Tony Meek

    President - Meek Construction and Meek Development - Moore, OK

  • Quote 4

    "Great Company to work for! Mr Barnett is a very nice person & treats his employees the way he would want to be treated. Only thing he ask is you to show up on time every day & do your job to the best of your ability."

    Melissa Mote-Randolph

  • Quote 5

    "My husband works for Gary Barnett. He loves his job."

    Leisa R.

  • Quote 6

    "Good people to work with!"

    Fernando Rodriguez

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